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Constructor from A to Z

Taylor is a french manufacturer making the manufacture and Assembly of all its products from A to Z.


Bureau d ' études

Taylor has an integrated 6 collaborators studies office. The design, the development of the various products and the evolutions of the different ranges are provided thanks to the team.

Bureau d'études intégré

Laser cutting

For the sake of design and accuracy of various components in the manufacture of all the ranges, THIEVIN' is equipped with a laser cutting machine.

Découpe laser

Digital controls folder

Three folding machines to digital controls allow the realization of complex parts answering the different specifications.

Plieuse à commandes numériques

Machine CNC

This machine is the basis for the manufacture of handling accessories ranges both for front loaders and telehandlers.

Rouleuse à commandes numériques

Pointing to stencils

In order to obtain maximum precision assembling by welding points, so that a repeatability, Taylor designs and templates of score for all environmental and agricultural ranges.

Pointage sur gabarits

Manual welding

An important step is the semi-automatic welding.

Soudure manuelle

Welding robot

THIEVIN' is equipped with 5 robotic facilities providing, performance, quality and competitiveness.

Soudure robotique


Taylor has a painting with surface preparation (shot peening) facility, washing, drying and 7 cabins and ovens for the application of primers and lacquers.


Construction and testing

The Assembly after painting steps and tests are carried out by qualified technicians.

Montage et essais



The Erdre industrial park

Your contacts for the market environment

For ranges of dumpsters and containers, boxes multi-lift standard and reinforced, trays multi-lift, bins hookloaders and euroconteneurs, dumpsters compaction and modular metal partitions.

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Your contacts for the agricultural market and TP

For the ranges of trailers agricultural Cobra and Cortal, Maral spreaders, trailers at bottom pushing shifting Cobalt, trailers TP Leader and Master, the trays to straw Mistral, doors-boxes and accessories for Chargers front and telescopic, bucket, bull and salvagers blades of small straw.

Tél : +33

Fax : +33