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Gamme Environnement

Range environment

All boxes multi-lift all dimensions and all volumes of the standard to the specific, reinforced, folding racks, boxes with roof sliding or hydraulic or with tarpaulin and multi-lift trays and doors box.

Gamme Agricole

Public works and agricultural material range

All trailers agricultural monohull (COBRA and CORTAL range), the agricultural trailers at bottom pushing-shifting (COBALT range), the remoques public works (range LEADER, MASTER, and BODY), spreader manure (MARAL range), straw (MISTRAL range) trays and door-casing (range PC).

All accessories handling for front loaders and telehandlers (buckets, forks, tongs,...) the bull blades and the chaff collectors.


A recognized know-how

THIEVIN' employs competent, qualified and trained employees. The company has a powerful and modern industrial tool, at the forefront of technology, to meet your most specific needs.

A high-end manufacturer

THIEVIN' is a recognized player in the market for the robustness and the finish of its products. The company also offers a wide range of options to be always closer to your expectations.

A personalized service

Each product is designed and manufactured in full on our production sites. We assure you a listen and a fast and efficient service in all circumstances.


  • An integrated process

Very modern infrastructure host so far 160 employees and allow an integration of all the steps of manufacturing products. The production tool consists of a cutting laser, shears, press brakes, machine of a rolling, welding robots, of positions of welding semiautomatic (steel, aluminium, stainless steel), an installation of paint. This high-performance machine park enables THIEVIN' to respond to requests for specific productions, thus allowing its customers to adapt the products to their specific needs.

Site de production Thievin et Fils

A recognized player in its markets

The industrial organization emphasizes human and technical skills
allowing an important reactivity and flexibility recognized by our customers.

The teams are currently working on new developments projects that will allow THIEVIN'
to remain a key player in its markets.

L’entreprise Thievin

batiment entreprise thievin

La société THIEVIN est née à Saint Mars la Jaille en Loire Atlantique au début des années 1980 avec une activité de fabrication de produits destinés au marché agricole. L’entreprise familiale s’est développée en alliant savoir-faire et professionnalisme et grâce à une écoute attentive de ses clients. La croissance continue de son activité a été soutenue par une organisation industrielle très flexible.
THIEVIN a su diversifier ses activités pour devenir un acteur reconnu sur ses marchés. L’entreprise fait partie des leaders :
- sur le marché du matériel agricole et des épandeurs
- sur le marché de l’environnement et de la récupération


The Erdre industrial park

Your contacts for the market environment

For ranges of dumpsters and containers, boxes multi-lift standard and reinforced, trays multi-lift, bins hookloaders and euroconteneurs, dumpsters compaction and modular metal partitions.

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Your contacts for the agricultural market and TP

For the ranges of trailers agricultural Cobra and Cortal, Maral spreaders, trailers at bottom pushing shifting Cobalt, trailers TP Leader and Master, the trays to straw Mistral, doors-boxes and accessories for Chargers front and telescopic, bucket, bull and salvagers blades of small straw.

Tél : +33

Fax : +33