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matériel agricole, travaux publics & environnement

Processing/preparation workshop

Atelier de transformation/préparation
For the preparation and processing of elements that are its different product lines, Taylor has:
  • 1 laser cutting machine
  • 3 CNC shears
  • 3 press brakes CNC
  • 1 rolling with digital controls
  • 5 automatic saws
  • 1 stamping press
  • 3 drill/tapping
  • 1 straightening press


The Erdre industrial park

Your contacts for the market environment

For ranges of dumpsters and containers, boxes multi-lift standard and reinforced, trays multi-lift, bins hookloaders and euroconteneurs, dumpsters compaction and modular metal partitions.

Tél : +33

Fax : +33

Your contacts for the agricultural market and TP

For the ranges of trailers agricultural Cobra and Cortal, Maral spreaders, trailers at bottom pushing shifting Cobalt, trailers TP Leader and Master, the trays to straw Mistral, doors-boxes and accessories for Chargers front and telescopic, bucket, bull and salvagers blades of small straw.

Tél : +33

Fax : +33